The installations by Claudio Milani/MOMOM are tiny little worlds you can interact with.They are born to be in museums, but they can be found in many other places: in a theater foyer, in a library, in a temporary exhibition…They were all born in the Tiny Museum of Fables and Stories in Sasso Marconi.You can find them here and there at different times of the year. This is how these installations work: a few people at a time enter a room, someone presses a button, and something happens. Often it is lights, music, or objects that move on their own. Then, after a few minutes, everything goes back to normal and you can press the button again.


In stories, there are plenty of animals, including hens.
And hens make eggs.
Some golden, some black, some perfect for an omelet.
The DivinEgg is an egg that tells the future.
You can’t find it in any story.
It’s a tribute to all the eggs that have aided the adventures (and the stomachs) of heroes and villains in fables, stories, and tales.
Whoever enters the room of the DivinEgg can think of a question, and the DivinEgg will reply.
Like it often happens with oracles, whatever color is foretold needs to be interpreted and applied to one’s own life.

Measurements: 3-4 meters wide, 3 meters deep.
For the best results, a completely blacked-out room is advisable.

It's Time for Fireflies

You can’t see them during the day, and not even at night unless you’re in a patch of grass. And sometimes the light around them is too much so they just stay hidden.
That’s why it’s better to go look for them in the woods: there are no lights there and you can see fireflies at night.
In a room there is a patch of grass and a button.
If you press the button, the Fireflies Hour starts, lights turn off and they appear, filling the room with wonder.

Measurements of the exhibition: 4 meters wide and 5 meters deep
A completely blacked-out room is essential for a successful execution.

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