In the belly of the theater

At stories’ pace

Play-path for families,
discovering the magical world of the theater.

by and with Claudio Milani
in collaboration with Elisabetta Viganò and Andrea Bernasconi
set photos by Tiziano Ghidorsi

Together with classic and original fairytales, children will have the chance to explore the theater through a journey made of steps and stories.
A fantasy world made of big halls and small doors, dark corners and bright lights, red seats, and velvet curtains, will unravel before their eyes.
By walking within the belly of the theater, children will find a colorful box at every stop. Each time the box opens, a new story comes to life.
Come with us into the belly of the theater. Let’s tickle it until the whole city hears its laughter.

In the Belly of the Theater is a play/path for small groups of children 3 to 8 years old and their families.

For providers only.
For more information on availability of this play please contact the organizational manager: Simona Cattaneo.