A story for children 4 and up.

by and with Claudio Milani
script by Francesca Marchegiano
scenography by Elisabetta Viganò, Armando Milani
music by Sulutumana, Andrea Bernasconi
opera singer: Beatrice Palumbo
lights by Fulvio Melli
set photos by Paolo Luppino

Every child has a voice within.
Every voice is inside a house.
To know about the houses inside children,
you need to hear their silence,
you need to sing their song.

In this story, there is a Good Princess, who feeds her child with bread and fables, and an Evil Princess, who wants to eat him.
The child’s name is Pietro. He has a magical voice, but he keeps it locked deep in his throat.
It will be thanks to his meeting with the Paper Child, the Blue Child, and the teachings of a special dad, that Pietro will find the courage to save himself from danger and grow up, singing his song to the world.

A magical and moving story to teach children (and remind adults) the importance of facing life’s difficulties and accepting its gifts, and expressing, without fear and prejudices, the voice inside every one of us.

For providers only.
For more information on availability of this play please contact the organizational manager: Simona Cattaneo.