I began telling stories in kindergartens while working as an educator.Then came the theater, but educating others has always held a special place in my heart. I continued working with schools through workshops and activities. In the last few years, I also approached the university world. The core of my training has always been growth and narration.I have worked with teachers, parents, people with disabilities and educators, and collaborated with theatrical organizations to activate various inter-disciplinary courses with high schoolers.I belong to a group of adults that writes tales for a whole village each year. Meeting people around the stories is something that intrigues me. Two different paths have come from these experiences: a workshop Words in Hand and an exchange, resembling a conference, Setting Sail among stories.

Words in Hand

Throughout the years, I have found out that my way of telling stories comes from a precise combination of gestures, words, and the use of objects.
I gave a name to all of this, Words in Hand. And I share it when I get the chance.
Words in Hand is a workshop centered around applying a narration technique to an existing tale. It’s for everyone because every human being that communicates can also tell a story.

The workshop, amounting to 12 hours in total, is aimed at adults and can be split into 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons for a maximum of 20 participants. It can be held in a big, unfurnished hall.

Setting sail among stories

Fables are arguably the first stories that piqued humanity’s interest.
Tales change the world.
Today, stories have taken on new forms, and can be found in all the modern means we rely on: smartphones, computers, television, cinema, comics…
How and what to choose?
Setting sail among stories is a chance to build a compass to navigate the vast sea of stories our culture offers.

The session is aimed at adults in the childcare world: parents, educators, teachers, and whoever wants to be there. It is 2 to 3 hours long.
Participants’ number is determined by how big the hosting structure is.

For providers only.
For further information on costs and organization, contact: info@claudiomilani.com.