A play for kids and their guardians.
For children 4 years and up.

by and with Claudio Milani
scenography: Elisabetta Viganò, Armando Milani
original music: Andrea Bernasconi, Emanuele Lo Porto, Debora Chiantella
electronics Design: Marco Trapanese, Andrea Bernasconi, Claudio Milani
lights: Fulvio Melli
set photos: Paolo Luppino

Nina lives with her grown-ups in a house next to the wood.
The wood is off-limits because it is home to the Hundred-Eyed Fairy and the Ogre.
Whether because of bad luck, carelessness, maybe for fun, or just because she felt like it, Nina goes into the wood. She gets in and out plenty of times.
And every time the wood comes to life and transforms.
In the end, it will be Nina’s heart that will free the colors that will bring new life to the woods.

Heart is a play about emotions. How to handle emotions.
To handle some feelings, sometimes you need a dictatorship and sometimes anarchy inside your heart.
The wood is inhabited by the Hundred-Eyed Fairy, who sees everything with her hundred eyes, and the Ogre, who feels everything in his guts.
Nina, small but resourceful, will put herself right between them, and she will bring back the harmony of colors in the gray wood.

For providers only.
For more information on availability of this play please contact the organizational manager: Simona Cattaneo.