A story for kids 4-7 years old.

scenography by Elisabetta Viganò, Armando Milani
music by Debora Chiantella, Emanuele Lo Porto, Andrea Bernasconi
lights by Fulvio Melli
script consultant: Francesca Rogari
set photos: Paolo Luppino
electronics consultants: Frankenstein Garage

In this story, there are three siblings born on a brisk Summer morning, after a night full of fireflies.
Fate will separate them, guiding them along three different roads. But Fate will also give them three gifts – wits, instinct, and heart – enough to get by, grow up, and finally reunite, facing even a Warlock with the power to become as big as a mountain.
When the night is at its darkest, the fireflies will lead their way.

And Lulù?
Lulù is the spirit of the woods.
It’s all blue, like the sky, the sea, and spring water.
It has round eyes, a round belly, and a big heart.
Lulù likes: flying over the woods, digging tunnels, and eating. But the thing it can do best is to create fireflies. From its belly.
Everybody knows Lulù exists, but only a few have seen it. You have to be very lucky to spot it. And you, will you be lucky enough?

The extraordinary adventures of the three little protagonists are sure to bring lots of excitement and wonder to the spectators, in a crescendo of curiosity and amazement leading to the epilogue, where everything comes together, and the wait is rewarded by a surprising encounter.

A story about the irreplaceable worth of intelligence, instinct, and generosity, which encourages us all to have faith in our qualities.

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