The Christmas countdown

Puppet play for children 3 to 8 years old.

by Claudio Milani and Elisabetta Viganò
with Claudio Milani and Arianna Pollini

Whether it’s made of simple cardboard with tiny hidden drawings, or made of little satchels with candies and toys, the Advent Calendar is a little spark of joy accompanying children throughout December until Christmas.


The Christmas Countdown brings an Advent Calendar to the stage, with big and small boxes hiding stories, short tales, puppets, toys, and some chocolate for the luckiest children.
The numbers – one to twenty-four – will open one after the other after saying the magic chant altogether, sometimes whispering like a light breeze, sometimes screaming like a hungry ogre, some other times mouthing the words without making a sound.
Behind the colorful little doors, you will find the story of the Snowflake that doesn’t want to fall to the ground, the story of Santa’s Color, the one about the crinkled-up Wrapping Paper, but also the tale of the Blanket of Snow, which will enter the theater and fly over the children, and many more until the last one, the small and bright story of Christmas Eve.

The stories of The Christmas Countdown are short like a breath or long like a clothesline, small like a chocolate praline or big like a snowman, or … dangerous like the one of the Ogre that only eats gifts!

For providers only.
For more information on availability of this play please contact the organizational manager: Simona Cattaneo.