A countdown tale

A play for kids and their guardians.
For children 3 years and up.

by and with Claudio Milani
scenography Elisabetta Viganò, Armando Milani
original music Andrea Bernasconi, Emanuele Lo Porto, Debora Chiantella
light design Fulvio Melli
electronic design: Marco Trapanese
photos Paolo Luppino
cloth Monica Molteni

Why do you count down?
To dive into the sea,
to start a running competition,
to blow out candles on a cake
to open a champagne bottle at New Year’s Eve,
because I stopped waiting.

A countdown is the end of a wait.
A wait is all the life between one countdown and another.

Claudio Milani shows us life as a sequence of waits, of several countdowns. And in order to depict it on the stage he creates a story which becomes a countdown itself.
A research path on the fable which uses new narrative and scenic languages, whose words and contents prove necessary and appropriate for young audiences.
The story is enriched with innovative technical systems and with an original soundtrack which mixes electronic and symphonic elements.

Arturo meets Death. Death gives him 7 presents. For every present there is a countdown. In every countdown there is something to learn in order to grow up. Arturo knows it and this is why he opens all the presents: to discover all those wonders which, in our lives, are the result of waiting and, at the end, to keep on counting but not backwards.

For providers only.
For more information on availability of this play please contact the organizational manager: Simona Cattaneo.