An amusing scary story for children 4 and up.

by and with Claudio Milani
script by Claudio Milani and Francesca Marchegiano
scenography by Elisabetta Viganò, Paolo Luppino, Armando and Piera Milani
music by Debora Chiantella, Andrea Bernasconi
set photos by Paolo Luppino

Some scary stories are scary. Some others are fun.
Boo! is a funny scary story, told by an actor and … by a door.
The door is a border: on one side the Green Woods, and the Black Woods on the other.
The Thief, the Wolf, the Witch, and – the worst of them all – the Boogey Man all live in the Black Woods.
The Green Woods is home to a Mom, round like a cake, a strong Dad, seven brothers, as big as closets… and also a little child, Bartolomeo.
He, together with his inseparable blanket, will have to face the creatures of the Black Woods…defeating them one by one.

Following a narrative course of departures and returns, amusing and reassuring like a nursery rhyme, the typical fears of small children are taken to the stage.
They are given a name, to make the little spectators understand that these fears belong to everybody, and, with a little courage, they can be defeated and forgotten.
Boo! teaches that, sometimes, the best weapon against fear is laughter.

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